Bug Fixes

  • Niche finder tool - Text overflowing issue 
  • Change partnerships payout issue 
  • Affiliate network CRON issues 
  • Create collection is leading to 404 page 

Niche Finer Tool

Discover the untapped goldmines of the digital world with our cutting-edge niche finder tool ✨. Designed to empower creators, it delves deep into the vast expanse of online markets, unveiling hidden gems brimming with potential 💎.

Through meticulous analysis of key metrics including keyword popularity, competition levels, and emerging consumer trends, our tool transforms data into actionable insights 📊. Seamlessly streamlining your content niche research, it opens doors to previously unseen opportunities, enabling you to stay steps ahead in the dynamic landscape of digital content creation 🚀. Embrace the future of innovation and domination with our indispensable niche finder tool, your ultimate ally in conquering today's fiercely competitive content arena 💪.


  • Introduced premium option while selecting auto affiliate 
  • Incorporate caching and transfer Images for blog images


  • Collection Options and Store Settings Page Typo
  • WordPress Plugin Window Placement Issue

Retargeting Ads

You now have the capability to seamlessly execute retargeting ads using Shopper links. Trigger retargeting pixels/scripts effortlessly through your personalized links, and effortlessly include users in your retargeting lists. This functionality is compatible with  platforms such as AdWords, AdRoll, Criteo, and Facebook.

Bug Fixes

  • Apps page content overflowing issue
  • Image issue in Add Product flow: first image selected is not getting applied
  • Pricing page redirect after signup


Earning dashboard: Improved history Section sorting
Contact and pricing page design changes

Dark Mode for Admin Dashboard

Great news! We're thrilled to announce that we've added Dark Mode to the admin dashboard. Now, you can enjoy a sleek and stylish interface that's easy on the eyes. Dive into a more comfortable and visually appealing admin experience with our new Dark Mode feature!

New Admin Dashboard

Exciting news! We've just launched a brand new dashboard for Shopper. Our new admin dashboard comes with user-friendly navigation, thanks to a convenient left-side menu. This makes it a breeze to access all the main functions effortlessly. Check it out!
Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 10.53.23.png 132.96 KB


  • Add Product - New Workflow
  • Blog theme design changes

Bug Fixes

  • There's a language support issue when adding a collection name.
  • The store name is overflowing on the category page.
  • There's a search logic issue on collection/profile private status pages.
  • The Partnerships page was displaying brands with no affiliate programs.

Custom Product displays

We're thrilled to introduce an exciting new feature on Shopper.com. With this tool, generating conversion-focused product displays is now effortless. Browse through our selection of pre-designed displays, each proven to boost sales by an impressive 25%. This translates to the ability to maximize your earnings with your existing traffic, making your online shopping experience even more rewarding.
Embed Product Displays

You can easily generate these displays and directly embed the code on any website, streamlining the process for your convenience.


  • Pricing Page Changes
  • Product Image Optimizations for Performance Improvements
  • Collection Redirection Improvements
  • Option to Hide Store Name from Heading


  • Custom domain & partnerships page SEO improvements
  • Affiliate dashboard changes
  • Blog theme: added the option to hide store name from heading

Bug Fixes

  • Wordpress plugin : Collection redirection issue in store page
  • Linkinbio theme : Collection analytics RTL alignment issue
  • Blog menu slug is not getting updated in Shopper default theme
  • Monetisation button issue: button is not clickable in edit product flow

New theme - Product Blog

Introducing our brand-new theme: Product Blog! Inspired by WireCutter, this theme is meticulously designed to be the perfect solution for effortlessly promoting products at scale. With its sleek and modern layout, Product Blog empowers you to showcase your products with style, captivating your audience and boosting your business to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting, this theme is your ultimate ally in creating a visually stunning and high-converting product showcase. Try it out now and elevate your product promotions to a whole new level!


  • Partnerships page Meta changes and SEO issues
  • Add product, improved UI
  • WordPress landing page: Pricing Tier Improvements 

Wordpress Plugin Landing Page

Customizable Header and Footer Menu

Exciting news! We've just introduced a new feature that allows you to add and personalize your header and footer menu. This means that your Shopper page can now be even more user-friendly, with menus and links that make it super easy for your customers to navigate and find what they're looking for.

We understand the importance of a seamless browsing experience, and this feature empowers you to customize your page in a way that best suits your customers' needs. Whether it's showcasing specific categories, highlighting important information, or directing visitors to key sections, the possibilities are endless!

We're thrilled to offer you this enhancement and can't wait to see how you make the most of it. If you need any guidance or have questions on how to set up your new header and footer menu, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Happy customizing, and here's to creating an even more user-friendly shopping experience for your customers!

Apps Marketplace

Shopper.com has taken a big leap forward with the introduction of its App marketplace. This means that our users can now integrate their favorite apps such as chat apps, email platforms, and marketing platforms into their Shopper store. With the launch of the App Store, the users can now accessing a wide range of tools and features that cater to their needs. The App marketplace is a major development that significantly enhances the convenience and functionality of the Shopper.com platform.
Apps Market Place

Bug Fixes

  • CTA button issue on Partnerships page
  • Sales API integration issue with ShareASale
  • Cron issue with Webgains links


  • Hover issue with star ratings and color change based on theme's primary color
  • Added more information related to the affiliate offer on Partnerships page
  • Optimization of images and alt texts for SEO
  • Notification email for link breaks

Bug Fixes

  • Alignment problem on Partnerships page
  • Videos embedded in blogs not playing
  • Cron errors in retrieving affiliate data

Product Review - Star Reviews

A review option has been added to the product page. In addition to adding your own review stars, you now have the option to allow your visitors to leave reviews for the products you've added.
Star Rating for Products
New Improved
about 1 year ago


  • Preview option for blog posts
  • Rich snippets for product page
  • Admin dashboard collection url changes

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking Cancel when editing a product link leads to a 404 error
  • Problem with Affiliate Sales Cron
  • Internationalisation: Fixed the problem with the translation of the blog title and subscription pop up

New Improved
about 1 year ago

Additional Languages

Support for Hungarian & Korean languages added 

Wordpress Plugin - With conversion focussed product displays

Top-Banner.png 3.65 MB

The Wordpress plugin has been updated with conversion-focused product displays. Boost conversions by 35% with our intuitive and simple no-code product displays. Providing highly customizable product displays makes it easy for your visitors to discover products, increasing conversions.

Try it out from here - https://wordpress.org/plugins/shopper/


  • Option to disable Collection Views 
  • Improvements in link break alerts 
  • Improved automatic locale detection 

Integrately Integration

One of the most requested features, we are now available on Integrately. Integrately lets you integrate Shopper.com with 1000+ apps without any technical skills or learning curve. It's as simple as finding and activating your automation.

Please see the details here: https://integrately.com/integrations/shopper-com

Shopper.com - Integrately integration


  • Adding more characters to the product description 
  • Rich Text editor for product descriptions 
  • A new and improved onboarding process
  • A new design for the private collections page
  • Product page rich snippets

Bugs Fixes

  • During password reset, there is an issue with session invalidation
  • When sharing products, there is an issue with subdomains (www)
  • Deals are getting duplicated when they are added
  • The profile cover image is getting pixelated
  • Collections page and home page product sorting issues

Bug Fixes

  • Cache invalidation issue for custom domains
  • Blog page button style issue
  • Partnerships page category issue
  • Custom domain duplicate indexing issues


  • Implemented RSS feeds to blogs
  • Captcha/CSRF protection for contact page

Bug Fixes

  • Problem with product sorting
  • Custom domain cache invalidation issue
  • A problem with the button style on the blog page
  • Enhance the user experience and fix onboarding issues

Bug Fixes

  • A session invalidation issue occurred during the password reset process
  • When sharing products in a custom domain, there is an issue with the 'www' subdomain
  • Deals are duplicating when submitted
  • The profile cover image is getting pixelated

Adding Products

We’ve introduced a new way to add products. Just type in the product name or a keyword and you will be presented with products matching that keyword from thousands of stores. There’s no need to copy and paste the product URL anymore. Currently, we have a database of more than a million products, with thousands of new products being added everyday.

Add-a-product-with-search-shopper (1).gif 465.66 KB

WordPress Plugin

There was a big new upgrade to the WordPress plugin. The brand new version allows you to not only display all the products on your blog, but also insert products & collections into your posts and pages. Gutenberg blocks make it possible to insert products and collections without copying URLs or embedding codes.

New theme - Affiliate Showcase

In our zeal to bring more customization options for store themes, we’re adding new themes to the platform. With the introduction of a new theme based on the affiliate showcase, there are three themes on offer including our default theme and a link-in bio theme. The Affiliate Showcase theme is focused on creating profitable affiliate websites that are packed with powerful features.

Partnerships Page Improvements

We have further improved the partnership pages by adding more details about the store, including the commissions details allowing users to get more information at fingertips.

Custom Domain - Speed Improvment

Optimized the page loading speed of custom domains by implementing Edge Cache.

Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 13.39.48.png 265.1 KB


  • Earnings page help implementation 
  • Bulk upload issue 
  • Affiliate data restructuring

Bug Fixes

  • Theme customise page: Hex code editor and scrolling issues
  • Stock image loading issues in the cover section


  • Redesign of the login and signup pages
  • Improvements to the Amazon Localization page
  • Copy and flow changes on the earnings page


  • Adding blog URLs to the sitemap
  • Improvements to affiliate link switching algorithm
  • For LinkInBio theme, default background images have been added
  • Both themes have been improved for Tablet 
  • Subdomain for dashboard (admin.shopper.com) implemented

Bug Fixes

  • Deleting a collection causes a cache error
  • Bug with the product URL generated for sharing 
  • Bulk product upload - some images were not getting added
  • The Partnerships page category pagination is not working
  • An issue with the background delete button on uploaded images
  • Issue with Adsense publisher ID on custom domains
  • Issues with RSS feed sorting, limit, and formatting
  • Issue with blog post API limit


Now you can upload your own Favicon. This option can be accessed at the following page -


Pinterest Verifcation

Your domain can now be verified on Pinterest so that it can be added to the site. It can be found under Preferences in the settings page

New Improved
over 1 year ago

Stock image integration

This new feature allows you to search for, select, and insert free stock images for your products, collection covers, deal images, and profile covers.
Improved Fixed
over 1 year ago

Bug Fixes

  • The problem with the hex code colour picker not displaying the colour
  • The theme secondary colour does not appear on the deals page and blog
  • Issue with the layout of the follow button on tablet and mobile devices
  • Content filtering issue on the search page
  • Blog post publish date formatting issue
  • The Tiktok icon does not appear in the profile section 
  • Sorting, limiting, and formatting issues with RSS feeds

Onboarding Screens

We have launched a new user onboarding process. This will enable us to personalize the user experience and also demonstrate the application's features and functions.

Hex Color Code Editing

Added Hex code editing to color picker 

Image resolution and quality

To improve speed and render better quality images, we have optimized image rendering and added more supported image formats.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with background color on the Terms, Privacy, Cookie policy, and Contact pages
  • Problem with redirecting of a deal/coupon store on a custom domain
  • Embed product carousel gets cut off in some web pages
  • Embed issue with archived or private products and collections
  • Follow button font colour issue with black color
  • When generating RSS feeds from custom domains, the Shopper.com domain name appears inside the title
  • Blog iframe preview style issue

Bug Fixes

  • Blog - Fixes for font, date, and slug issues
  • Earnings page - Earnings history sorting issue
  • Menu bar - Deals option appears even without deals
  • Chat support - Replaced our existing chat with Intercom
  • Subscription popup - Improved the UI for the email subscription popup
  • Wordpress plugin - UI fixes and image improvements

More languages

It is with great pleasure that we announce that a variety of languages are now supported on our platform. In addition to German and Spanish, French, Italian, and Arabic have been added to the platform. Soon we will add Indonesian too.


We’ve now added the option for blogging, which has been one of the most requested features. Blog will allow you to create rich content that attracts organic traffic to your Shopper.com store.

Theme and customization

We've added a theming system to the platform. The theming system allows us to build modules for deep customization. You can now choose from two socially inspired themes - our default theme and Link in Bio inspired theme. In response to popular requests, we are working on adding more themes that will be focussed on affiliate and reviews.

Partnerships page

The partnerships page now includes category filters and store search options. This page will be further improved by including additional store information, such as commission percentages, CPA/CPC details etc.

RSS feed for products, deals and coupons

RSS feed for products, deals and coupons - This feature allows you to automatically push products, deals and coupons to your social media feed. Please check it out and let me know what you think. You can access this from Profile page > Social sharing buttons.

Wordpress Plugin

Integrate your Shopper.com storefront with any WordPress site in just a few clicks using the WordPress plugin.

Download link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/shopper

Multi language Support

We now support German and Spanish. French, Italian, and Arabic will follow soon.

Sitemap for Custom domains

A sitemap option is available for stores with custom domains. The sitemap can be found at - yourstore.com/sitemap.xml

Support for multiple image formats

Added support for more image formats including WebP

Google Analytics G4

Google Analytics G4  integration.

Moving product between collections

Added the ability to move products between collections 

Extension update

Option to add products from the extension 

Zapier Integration

Integrate your Shopper account with 4000+ apps on Zapier, automate subscribers synchronization, send emails and much more

Add Multiple Users

According to your plan, multiple users can be added to your store. For the Creator plan, you can add two more users, and for the Creator Plus plan, you can add up to five users.

Referral System

Launched a referral system. Earn 30% of all payments for life for every referral you make. There is no limit to the amount you can earn.

Improved User Onboarding

An improved user onboarding screen was implemented for an improved user experience.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) makes your account more secure by requiring a special code in addition to your password to log in.

Private Collections

The ability to mark any collection as private. The creator can still share the individual product links even though the collection will not appear on the profile page.

FB Pixel Integration

FB pixel tracking is now available for all stores.  Simply add your own FB pixel to run your retargeting campaigns.

API V1.0 is Live

We are pleased to announce that the first version of the API has just been released. It is part of our premium plans. This API allows you to access the products and collections that you have on your store. 

Link Break Notifications

You will now receive notifications when your product link or affiliate link breaks

Personal/ custom domain

It is now possible to connect personal domains (a complete white label solution) to Shopper stores

Pricing Plan Launch

The pricing plan is ready. Currently, we offer three subscription options.

1. A free plan 
2. The creator plan 
3. The creator plus 

The feature access varies according to the plan 

Earnings Dashboard Improvments

The new earnings dashboard supports local currencies, provides a better user interface, and bug fixes. 

Custom Theme and Logo

Your profile can be branded with a custom logo. Also, you can customize the color scheme of your Shopper Store.

Follow/ subscribe option

Users can now follow profiles and receive email updates.

Google Analytics Integration

The Google Analytics tracking is now available for all stores. Simply add your own Analytics code to the settings page and start tracking your store. 

Currency Localization

The earnings dashboard displays the amount in the local currency based on the user's location. This option is not available in all countries. 

Product and Collection repositioning

We can now reposition collections and products. 

Embed Products

Website embedding option for products and collections. 

Product Image Improvements

Product images are automatically scaled and positioned to give the best visibility. This enables the users to create visually stunning collections.

Amazon Link Localization

Localise the Amazon store based on the visitors' location, helping you to earn more. Currently, this geo location based targeting is available only for Amazon stores. The most popular Amazon stores are US, UK, and India.

Redirection to store pages using /r

We can now sent the users to the product pages using /r links.